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The San Andreas fault system and other large f...

The San Andreas fault system and other large faults in California – different segments of the fault display different behavior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK we had a couple of good quakes recently. There was that 7+ off of El Salvador that actually caused a small tsunami. Small the operative word here. There have been hundreds of aftershocks and a sizable crust movement but no injuries or anything.

Today there was a 6.9 north of Iceland and the prerequisite after shocks as well which is interesting as that is a rift fault there and not a subduction zone or thrust fault where the big ones usually happen. Worth watching that one.

The swarm of quakes in the lower end of California, top of Mexico is interesting. These swarms of faults have not caused any large movement on the fault to the north west but there is always a chance that this type of activity could trigger stress built up on the San Andreas fault. This area has been declared an emergency with a number of homes tags as uninhabitable and some other buildings, a school and stores that are having issues. With over 400 separate quakes in a few days, the largest a 5.3, this is similar to 2 previous quakes swarms in the same area since records have been kept.

We hope that people relocated by the quakes can return home soon and get their lives back to normal.

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