Windows 7 going “Metro”

Yeah I know they don’t use the name metro any more, but that’s not the point, reports in a couple of blogs and some blog comments would like us to think that Microsoft will be changing the UI on Windows 7 with service pack 2. Companies like to put out patches and updates and then once in a while they put out service packs, packs of all of the accumulated updates and sometimes major updates. With Windows XP and Windows Vista Microsoft has made the system more secure and fixed existing functionality with such service packs.

But to change the UI of an existing version of Windows would be way beyond what they have done before. The reports have suggested that the Start Menu at the left side of the task bar would be removed and the new “Modern” (used to be Metro) UI added with the start screen instead of the start menu. With a lot of comments by people that they don’t like the Windows 8 interface and suggesting people stay with Windows 7 and with some people rushing out to buy a new Computer with Windows 7 before the Windows 8 computers come out, if the service pack 2 for Windows 7 makes the UI turn into the Windows 8 UI people won’t be happy.

And that’s not the only Windows service pack rumour.  Windows 8 comes with a split personality, the regular desktop is there but the opening screen and some of the apps run in the UI formerly known as Metro. Microsoft would like everyone to make their apps for Windows run in this new UI. But Microsoft has two major products that don’t run in the new UI, Office, the office application suite and Visual Studio, the application developers use to make applications for Windows. The rumour here is When Office and Visual Studio are ready for the metro UI the next service pack will make the desktop, the former UI, go away. This will break almost every current Windows application.

Now are these rumours true? I want to say no, that Microsoft respects its current users enough that they would not treat them like this, forcing them to switch to a new UI they don’t want, except, they have done this before. Windows 95 anyone?

Anyway I don’t know if these are true or not. I have seen them in a couple of places but I can’t confirm if they are actually from different sources so until Microsoft answers this one way or the other we just won’t know.


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