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Windows 8 final installed

OK I have an MSDN subscription so I pulled the released Windows 8 Pro down and installed on one of the old laptops I have. While Windows 8 has a touch interface and would work well on a touch screen device … Continue reading

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Guatemala Fuego Volcano Erupts

Volcano eruptions are on-going on the Fuego volcano today. The eruptions include lava and explosions as well as ash clouds and pyroclastic flows. Many people, estimated by some to be as many as 33000, have been evacuated so far. Video … Continue reading

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Pain relievers causing hearing loss

A study following women for 14 years has found that use of 2 types of pain reliever are linked to hearing loss in women. The study only followed women but while it didn’t include men the results probably translate to men as … Continue reading

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Huge Costa Rica Quake

Today there was a huge 7.6 quake in Costa Rica. The area it hit was not heavily populated and rural which is the only saving grace they had as if that had hit one of their cities there would have … Continue reading

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Canada hunts Maple Syrup Thieves

Now for something really important; apparently thieves stole millions of dollars of the countries limited supply of Maple Syrup. The sticky heist took place at a strategic secure warehouse in Quebec and the Quebec police are on the job. This was one quarter of the Quebec … Continue reading

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