Huge Costa Rica Quake

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Today there was a huge 7.6 quake in Costa Rica. The area it hit was not heavily populated and rural which is the only saving grace they had as if that had hit one of their cities there would have been total devastation.

The quake happened at 10:45 in the morning in a tourist area of the country. The USGS issued a tsunami warning even though the quake was on land, most likely due to the possibilities of ocean floor land slides which could set off tsunami waves. Some tourists reported waves in swimming pools so technically those could be called tsunami.

This quake was on the top side of a subduction zone. The probable cause is the subduction zone slipping, but since the quake was 40 KM deep, on land and in a sparsely populated area there were only 2 deaths from falling buildings. Any villages near the center of the quake zone wlll be hit really hard and I suspect we will get more reports of damage and injuries (hopefully not more deaths) as word is able to get out.


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