Justin Trudeau for PM

Last night Justin Trudeau threw his hat in the ring for leadership of the Canadian Liberal Party. The son of our late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau he has the right name and not being one of the old guard is not tainted by the scandals that forced the Liberals from power.

He is from Quebec and so can get votes from Quebec that a leader from Ontario cannot.. He is a centrist a little to the left of center but not recoloured NDP like Bob Rae, not that the NDP aren’t needed as the party of the left. He is young and a boxer, fit, good locking, charismatic and smart.

His policies seem to be the right thing to counter the Harper government. He seems to have learned from the Liberals fall from popularity. A lot still needs to be learned and we need to watch him for a while to figure him out but I say he is the right guy right now to rebuild his party if not unseat the Conservatives.


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