More Windows 8

Has anyone tried Windows 8 on a machine with multiple monitors yet. I was hoping to do that with this laptop but there is no native windows 8 drivers for it yet just the generic one and while with Windows 7 it was able to use multiple monitors with 8 I can only use one.

I am getting used to the things you need to do to run Win 8 with a mouse, the scroll wheel is your friend is my best advice for now. Remember what corners do what, and when I am in metro mode why can’t I disconnect a usb key? If you go to the desktop you have the stop device tool but on those systems that just have Metro you will have to just pull the usb device and hope it wasn’t doing something and messes up the key.

The wordpress app for metro doesn’t seem to let me at the dashboard, why do I have to come to the web site to see the dash board and reply to comments? And it is really messed up at work, with our IT department not yet recongising the Windows 8 device I have to resort to proxy servers to do things like updates and getting anti virus signature files. I have to have the machine to test the new apps we build will work for Windows 8 users. Found some issues with Win 8 today that I have to fix and will affect all users so testing with Windows 8 is already paying off.

Noticed today that Windows 8 desktop has this picture swapping mode, it chnges the desktop picure every 20 minutes which in itself is no big deal but, it changes the colour of the window borders and the task bar to match the picture on the screen, which is both cool and silly. I can see me taking screen shots for a demo or presentation and the colour changing in the midst of the set and when people see it think that the pictures are from more than one machine or from different versions of the application. But it’s a cool.

So far only 2 patches for Windows 8 and only one of those was for security.

This machine is under powered but it runs 8 fine so far and with Office and Visual Studio on it we will see some more posts like this hopefully a little more regularly though.

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