Microsoft Build, BlackBerry Jam, Google I/O, Apple WWDC are all conferences where the the device makers and OS platform bring the developers for their products together and they try to get the developers to make stuff for their platform. These are all great places for developers to go and learn and interact with the platform developers. If you own a platform and want people to develop for that platform you have to have one and if you are a developer you have to be there.

But some of us can’t. Yes some people make the choice not to be there, work or family or other stuff going on. Others just can’t be there at all. I am one of them. The problem is my health of course and I won’t go into that but I wish they made these things more open, used the technology they have to open it up to include people who because of health or disability can not be there. You don’t need to include the swag, although that would be nice, but figure out a way that we can be included.

This doesn’t happen by design of course, I am sure they have access for everyone who is visibly disabled but there is nothing they can do to make it so that people like me can be there unless we can be there virtually.

Why do I want to go to these things virtually? Well first of there is the information you can get at these conferences you can’t get anywhere else. Then there is the interaction with others, and also the sharing of ideas, not just how to do stuff but ideas on what people want to see and what types of apps are missing and needed for the markets. Also the connections you can make and the interaction with your peers. Java did a virtual component to their Java 7 launch. It was great I could talk with people in all of the places there were holding launch parties and also all of the other people who were virtually there. And because it was work related I could do it from Work and get paid for it too which was a bonus.

Disabled developers are out there, they need to be engaged, encouraged and included. We have the technology and these are technology companies, you would think they would want to include everyone and show off their technology to do it.


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  1. rob says:

    Hi Mike, Sounds like a good idea! The old version of the Agile Ottawa user group met at the Adobe building, which has really good video conferencing support. People attended there virtually.

    Hmmm. Rob

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