Honey net and HoneyMap

I found this site a long time ago but I never posted anything about it until now. It’s an interesting site with interesting graphical representation of live as you see it attacks on computers. Honeynet‘s Honeymap  shows a map of the world with red dots for attacker location and yellow for the honey pot that is being attacked.

It’s a representative map, not a map of all attacks happening at this time just all the attacks against the connected honey pots. If you are not familiar with the term honey pot what they are is computers or virtual computers that are set up to be attacked and get information about the attacker while having noting of value themselves. Like a pot of honey will attract flies to it instead of to the other foods around it and it’s sticky enough to capture and kill the flies.

The attackers in the majority of attacks you see on the map are not the actual attackers computer but a go between of sorts, a computer owned by some person that has had their computer attacked and taken over and added to a bot net.

Anyway honeymap is a fun way to educate people about the on-going problem of computer attacks and a good place to start a conversation about security.


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