Microsoft, born anew, again.

Wow July and I haven’t posted since December. I’m will post on what happened some time but for now let’s talk Microsoft. 

Microsoft has lately introduced a new Windows 8.1 (now available for testing) which fixes a few things people have been complaining about and a new XBox one, again people are not happy with. But that is old news. Today they announced a restructuring around devices and services. 

I don’t know if this will help or if it will not help but they have to do something. PC sales and so Windows sales are down. Windows phone and Windows tablets are not making up the difference. So the company is making another big change to see if they can turn things around. 

I’m a bit surprised though and I hope this works out but Windows will now be headed by the leader of Windows Phone, Office now comes under the head of on-line (think MSN and Bing). Why does this feel like such a bad idea to me. And why am I cheering for Microsoft to not just fade away? I know in the past that Microsoft imploding and going away would have made me happy. But as much as I like using other OSes there is a place for Microsoft and a lot of people rely on Windows to do everything. To turn the company around Steve Ballmer has now tried two Hail Mary passes and I hope the combo leads to improvements, if not then maybe Ballmer should go.

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