Aiiiii, my TV is burnt in! (Fixed.)

OK so I came home today from work to find my son and the neighbourhood kids had been laying Mario (on super NES) hooked to the video in port of the TV. But they quit playing and went outside, and left it playing on one of the map screens. Needless to say (but I am saying it anyway) the image burned into the LCD.

Wait you say, LCD screens can’t burn in. Um yes they can I have seen it and it’s documented on the net and there are loads of pages with info how to cure it. Your hope is that they work. Lifehacker(.com) has a page or two on this, like here which quotes an apple source of how to fix it. BUT I found a better way.

Now granted my burn-in was probably mild although it didn’t look it and it showed very plainly on a back screen (with no input to the TV) or a white screen or the screens from my Xbox. What a pain I was going to have to live with this and try to just ignore it I guess. SO I started playing Skyrim. Ugh what was I going to do to not see this anymore. Any night seen it seemed worse and the smoky mist between screens (like going trough a door) it was horrible but I persevered and hey it’s not so noticeable after a bit and then hum, it doesn’t show on my black horse. and now It’s gone. You don’t see a thing, even switching to a different input there is nothing there.

So there you have it, my way to fix burn in screen on a TV or monitor, play Skyrim for say 3 quests and a couple of dragon kills and fixed. Well it worked for me.

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One Response to Aiiiii, my TV is burnt in! (Fixed.)

  1. Rob says:

    Funny! Too bad you had to play Skyrim to fix it!

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