Windows 8: Why IE? Why?

I have decided that I wanted to use IE for web browsing from “Metro” mode and Chrome from desktop mode in Windows 8. And I want chrome to be the default browser so if I open any links it will go there by default.

Microsoft in their ‘wisdom’ made it so that we can’t do this. Why? No Idea; how, by making it that if IE is not the default browser it opens in desktop mode but if it is the default it opens in ‘Metro’ mode. Yup, the mode it opens in depends not on your preference but if it is the default browser.

I guess for a lot of people this makes sense as a lot of people see IE as the best browser in the world for downloading another browser and want to use something like Chrome or Firefox. But a lot of people want to use the system as they got it. But they may want to use IE on the desktop and not use the metro mode at all but then they have to use some other browser and not IE.

Yes people like to hate on IE but the new version is a lot more secure than even IE 9 or 10. And with multiple tabs and support for the latest html5 standard (or what is finished of it so far) it will do what most people want to do (although I use Chrome most of the time myself.)

Why would Microsoft force desktop users to have to use a different browser? Why would they not let you use IE as your full screen Metro mode browser if you have another browser installed? Why IE, Why?

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