Windows 8.1 Update (still can’t find notepad)

Ok,just finished the update install and I have the new pieces to show for it. It starts off now at the desktop and not the home-screen. That may be just because of my habits and not translate to your system. Also the home screen now has power and search buttons beside  my name. And there is a new Start Menu but it won’t be what you are hoping for.

First when you left click the start button you switch to Start Screen or Desktop just as you did before the update. But Microsoft said they were putting the start menu back? Yes they said they were returning a start menu, try right clicking the start button. Oh and well it is not like the old start menu, it doesn’t have the programs (All Programs) sub menu. Yes there is something like the old start menu but it’s useless.



New Start Menu

It does have a run command where you can type in “notepad” to run notepad. (Or the name of any other program to run that program say calculator or winword to run Office Word.)

But you wanted more than that and so did the rest of us. There is file explorer.

The stuff at the top all is in Control Panel already, but having it here will be ok, but some people may end up getting in trouble with it here.

It is what it is a menu off of the start button so it is a start menu,just not like what I was hoping for. 

What were you looking for,is this enough or do you need more?

But it is shiny and new and I will find something I like about it. At least it’s not XP now that the XPocolypse is here. Seriously if you know someone still using XP tell them they have to. By staying on XP they make all of us less secure.




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