I’m back, I think

I keep doing this, I write a bit then drop off the face of the earth. I don’t mean to it’s that to cope with the health issues and pain I end up doing other things and posting here, or anywhere gets pushed aside.

I want to write stuff for you guys but I have two issues. I don’t know what people want help with as a group and gaming gets in the way.

Gaming helps me focus on something other than the pain. But it has to be a specific type of game and i get very immersed in it. Gaming is not the only thing that helps, programming is also another way to do this, I get so focused I can ignore the pain. The pain is from my lung condition and the associated things with it. Writing stuff doesn’t work so the gaming ends up winning.

But I want to write stuff for you guys so if you can suggest what you want me to write about please do. Otherwise what else can I do for you? I keep thinking I should be either recording or streaming game sessions or computer help videos but I need to know what you guys need or I can’t do it for yo.



About echlinm

Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst/Hacker S31
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