Hey, welcome to Borg or No. I’m a guy who does computer and elecronic ‘stuff’. From compilers to robots and who knows I have plans for a ‘fusor’. I am much into gadgets and augmented reality; never go anywhere without a wearable computer and have health issues so also have electronic medical devices, wearable ecg and tens plus my accu-cheq plus with me at all times.

I work for a Canadian national lab where I write software for scientific and engineering applications. I also consult with other groups within the labs on issues of software development and computer security issues.

I’m addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee (double double) and Tracy’s chocloates although I shouldn’t eat the chocolates. I camp with my Robosapian and a kayak, spend all the time I can in Algonquin Park, and recharge everything with a crank Nova flashlight with USB when I can’t reach a plug.

Feel free to say hi, comment and make suggestions, if you see something I can improve please ask. We don’t mark spelling 🙂

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  1. Canada, science AND programming? I’m in!

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