Windows 8: What time is it?

I am sitting here looking at my Windows 8.1 screen and wondering how can I get the time to show?

Well I could just switch to desktop mode and in the tray at the right of the task bar but what if I don’t want to switch to desktop mode right now? Well it pops up when you open the charms bar so just swipe to the right side of the screen or with a mouse move the mouse to the top or bottom right corners and side your mouse cursor up the right side a bit; up comes the charms and also a time popup that also shows wireless connect bars and a battery indictor on a laptop/tablet.

Now as for changing the time, maybe that will be another post.

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Windows 8: Why IE? Why?

I have decided that I wanted to use IE for web browsing from “Metro” mode and Chrome from desktop mode in Windows 8. And I want chrome to be the default browser so if I open any links it will go there by default.

Microsoft in their ‘wisdom’ made it so that we can’t do this. Why? No Idea; how, by making it that if IE is not the default browser it opens in desktop mode but if it is the default it opens in ‘Metro’ mode. Yup, the mode it opens in depends not on your preference but if it is the default browser.

I guess for a lot of people this makes sense as a lot of people see IE as the best browser in the world for downloading another browser and want to use something like Chrome or Firefox. But a lot of people want to use the system as they got it. But they may want to use IE on the desktop and not use the metro mode at all but then they have to use some other browser and not IE.

Yes people like to hate on IE but the new version is a lot more secure than even IE 9 or 10. And with multiple tabs and support for the latest html5 standard (or what is finished of it so far) it will do what most people want to do (although I use Chrome most of the time myself.)

Why would Microsoft force desktop users to have to use a different browser? Why would they not let you use IE as your full screen Metro mode browser if you have another browser installed? Why IE, Why?

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Windows Christmas

From looking at my views it would seem to look like a lot of people are looking for help with their new Windows 8.1 systems they received for Christmas. I got a heap of new views in the last week and I will put a new post or two about Windows 8.1 here in the next few days.

A lot of people seem to dislike the new Windows 8 and 8.1 and I will try to support you but I would like to point out there are alternatives like Ubuntu (Linux) and Chrome Books but if you already have a Windows 8 system then you probably want to stick with it at least until you figure it out or figure out that you will never figure it out and if that is the case then post a comment and if there are enough people who want it I will post ways to move to something other than Windows on your shiny new toy.

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert. This blog was viewed about 64,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

I have been absent most of the year but I am hoping that I can get myself back to writing again.

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Aiiiii, my TV is burnt in! (Fixed.)

OK so I came home today from work to find my son and the neighbourhood kids had been laying Mario (on super NES) hooked to the video in port of the TV. But they quit playing and went outside, and left it playing on one of the map screens. Needless to say (but I am saying it anyway) the image burned into the LCD.

Wait you say, LCD screens can’t burn in. Um yes they can I have seen it and it’s documented on the net and there are loads of pages with info how to cure it. Your hope is that they work. Lifehacker(.com) has a page or two on this, like here which quotes an apple source of how to fix it. BUT I found a better way.

Now granted my burn-in was probably mild although it didn’t look it and it showed very plainly on a back screen (with no input to the TV) or a white screen or the screens from my Xbox. What a pain I was going to have to live with this and try to just ignore it I guess. SO I started playing Skyrim. Ugh what was I going to do to not see this anymore. Any night seen it seemed worse and the smoky mist between screens (like going trough a door) it was horrible but I persevered and hey it’s not so noticeable after a bit and then hum, it doesn’t show on my black horse. and now It’s gone. You don’t see a thing, even switching to a different input there is nothing there.

So there you have it, my way to fix burn in screen on a TV or monitor, play Skyrim for say 3 quests and a couple of dragon kills and fixed. Well it worked for me.

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Microsoft, born anew, again.

Wow July and I haven’t posted since December. I’m will post on what happened some time but for now let’s talk Microsoft. 

Microsoft has lately introduced a new Windows 8.1 (now available for testing) which fixes a few things people have been complaining about and a new XBox one, again people are not happy with. But that is old news. Today they announced a restructuring around devices and services. 

I don’t know if this will help or if it will not help but they have to do something. PC sales and so Windows sales are down. Windows phone and Windows tablets are not making up the difference. So the company is making another big change to see if they can turn things around. 

I’m a bit surprised though and I hope this works out but Windows will now be headed by the leader of Windows Phone, Office now comes under the head of on-line (think MSN and Bing). Why does this feel like such a bad idea to me. And why am I cheering for Microsoft to not just fade away? I know in the past that Microsoft imploding and going away would have made me happy. But as much as I like using other OSes there is a place for Microsoft and a lot of people rely on Windows to do everything. To turn the company around Steve Ballmer has now tried two Hail Mary passes and I hope the combo leads to improvements, if not then maybe Ballmer should go.

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Honey net and HoneyMap

I found this site a long time ago but I never posted anything about it until now. It’s an interesting site with interesting graphical representation of live as you see it attacks on computers. Honeynet‘s Honeymap  shows a map of the world with red dots for attacker location and yellow for the honey pot that is being attacked.

It’s a representative map, not a map of all attacks happening at this time just all the attacks against the connected honey pots. If you are not familiar with the term honey pot what they are is computers or virtual computers that are set up to be attacked and get information about the attacker while having noting of value themselves. Like a pot of honey will attract flies to it instead of to the other foods around it and it’s sticky enough to capture and kill the flies.

The attackers in the majority of attacks you see on the map are not the actual attackers computer but a go between of sorts, a computer owned by some person that has had their computer attacked and taken over and added to a bot net.

Anyway honeymap is a fun way to educate people about the on-going problem of computer attacks and a good place to start a conversation about security.

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